MetLife Introduces Dental Health Manager

January 11, 2010 ( – MetLife has announced the availability of the MetLife Dental Health Manager.

The announcement said the dental disease management program provides participants with educational content and personalized report cards that graphically illustrate their risk for oral disease and dental health, helping them understand and track their progress for maintaining or managing their oral health. The new program is available to new and existing MetLife customers with 500 or more employees, at no additional cost as a stand-alone program. Employers also have the option to coordinate the program with a disease management vendor which requires a one-time setup fee.

The MetLife Dental Health Manager consists of two primary components. A report card illustrates a participant’s risk and disease score — utilizing an interactive risk assessment and data analysis derived from dental utilization data as well as systemic disease data — to help them understand and track changes in their dental risk and disease over time. An online MetLife Oral Health Library contains educational articles and tools, designed to help participants take a more active role in managing their oral health.

The library also encourages employees to ask informed questions about their benefits, dental care and risk for dental disease, and offers relevant information specific to employee oral health needs, according to the announcement.

Employers will receive aggregate reporting providing them with the ability to measure and monitor the health of an employee population, or segments of that population, and the utilization of benefits over time so they can make better decisions about dental benefit plans.

MetLife has also made available a free guide, Dental Disease Management: What Makes an Effective Program, which can be obtained at