MetLife Offers Auto and Life Insurance Voluntary Benefits Product

March 29, 2006 ( - MetLife Auto and Home offers employers a chance to include auto and home insurance in their voluntary employee benefit offerings.

According to its announcement, in addition to auto and home and other personal property insurance, MetLife Auto and Home’s group program offers:

  • Special group rates designed to save employees money. Employees could also receive special auto insurance discounts, if they parked their car(s) in garages, chose payroll deduction, or have worked for a specific company for three or more years.
  • A variety of personal property insurance policies, including renters and boat insurance, apart from auto and home.
  • Payroll deduction as well as bank account deduction. With either payment process, there are no interest charges or service fees.
  • Customer service and 24-hour claim reporting available through one toll-free number.

In addition, the announcement said, MetLife Auto and Home provides Identity Theft and Credit Protection at no added cost, and provides support for policyholders to help them sort through the various complexities of being an identity theft victim.

The insurer provides an array of educational materials that employers can provide to employees, including newsletters, brochures, and online materials dealing with safety and other important considerations, as well as support for employees in times of crisis.

Employees whose employers offer the benefit can easily apply for the benefit by contacting the MetLife call center for quotes, or going online either via the employer’s benefit site, or directly at MetLife Auto & Home’s site.

“[I]t’s a benefit and talent management strategy employers can use at no ongoing cost to themselves,” said Michelle DeWine, VP Marketing for MetLife Auto and Home, in the announcement.

More information about MetLife’s voluntary benefits, including group auto and home insurance, can be found  here .