MetLife Releases Next Life Advice Brochure

July 6, 2004 ( - MetLife has released its latest Life Advice brochure offering guidance to participants on the use of income annuities for preserving retirement savings.

MetLife said that by shifting the retirement focus from asset accumulation to income replacement, individuals will become more familiar with the risks they will face in the “decumulation” phase of their life: inflation, market and longevity risks. To assist participants through this stage, MetLife has release Protecting Your Retirement, which focuses not only on how to protect retirement assets, but how to turn those assets into guaranteed lifetime income.

Developed in conjunction with the   National Association for Variable Annuities (NAVA),Protecting Your Retirement also highlights the do’s and don’ts of purchasing an income annuity.   Additionally, the brochures includes a worksheet to assist consumers in determining their need for income annuities and calculating projected annuity payments based on their current financial situation.