Moms Make Strides in Work-Home Balance Struggle

May 10, 2006 ( - Nearly seven in 10 (68%) working mothers admit that their boss recognizes their accomplishments in the constant struggle to balance their home and work lives, a new survey found.

An Ad ecco Staffing North America news release said that 33% of these women feel their colleagues think their role as a mother gives them more insight, the ability to juggle multiple priorities and better management skills. Only 4% perceive their bosses as not being committed to their jobs because they have children.

“In the past women have felt they have to choose one or the other – building a family or building a career – but that is simply not the case anymore,” said Bernadette Kenny, SVP of Human Resources of Adecco Staffing North America, in the news release. “Women are proving they can climb the corporate ladder and hold successful careers, while maintaining a family and fulfilling their duties as mothers. Today’s women are choosing leadership roles acknowledging the challenges and responsibilities that come with it. And they’re succeeding!”

However, even with these positive signs, working mothers contend that they are not yet home free as far as achieving the perfect home-work balance. Nearly half (49%) of the women surveyed said a more flexible work environment would allow them to be more adaptable as an employee and as a mother and 37% said their work environment would be more accommodating if they felt they were treated equally to working fathers at the same level or position.

“Women have truly progressed in terms of being successful at work and as mothers,” said Kenny. “But they haven’t done it on their own. Companies that have instituted programs and policies to help provide working mothers, and fathers for that matter, more flexibility and parental resources, have contributed greatly to this advancement of working parents in the workforce.”