MoneyTrack Series to Help Military Families on Savings Issues

November 11, 2008 ( - A new MoneyTrack web series aims to educate military members and families about the latest financial scams, the importance of staying debt-free and alternatives to borrowing.

The webisode series was created just in time for Veterans Day by Troops Against Predatory Scams (TAP$), a program sponsored by the California Department of Corporations. The series will be hosted by investing expert Pam Krueger and TV personality Jack Gallagher from the financial series “MoneyTrack,” which airs on PBS stations and is a nonprofit funded by the Investor Protection Trust.

Military service members are quickly becoming targets for unscrupulous lenders because of their steady, predictable paychecks and tendency to need quick cash, according to the announcement.   The new three-part webcast series examines why payday lending is such a big problem for military personnel, identifies what resources are available to them and provides information about how to get out of debt.  

“In today’s military, financial troubles have become an issue of national security because they can keep service men or women from being deployed overseas,” said Pam Krueger, the creator, co-host and executive producer of “MoneyTrack.” “It’s crucial that members of the military get the information they need to avoid financial scams specifically targeting them.”

The three-part military webisode series on MSN Money is available at http;// .

The full webcast is available at