More Americans Agreeable to Contractor Status

September 11, 2001 ( - Americans are becoming increasingly open to alternatives to full-time employment, a new survey finds.

The survey on the free agency by technology recruiter BridgeGate asked Americans whether they would become a contractor.

Of the 1,000 respondents:

  • almost 40% said they were not interested in the free agent alternative
  • just over a quarter said that they would take the opportunity
  • the same percentage said that they would not choose that career option under any scenario
  • 7% of respondents said that they are already free agents.

Furthermore, almost a third of who expressed interest in free agency currently work full time, almost 30% work part time, and a little more than a quarter are unemployed.

Profile of a Free Agent

Additional results reveal:

  • 38% of men are open to the free agent option compared with 28% of women
  • almost 40% of respondents with a child are interested in free agency compared with 29% of those without children
  • those aged 35 to 44 are most interested in the free agent alternative
  • of those who are currently free agents, more than 50% have annual household incomes of at least $75,000
  • two-fifths of those with bachelor’s degrees or some college are interested in free agency, compared with 26% of respondents with a high school diploma or less, and 29% of those with post-graduate degrees.