Morningstar Plans to Launch New 401(k) Platform

Early next year, Morningstar plans to release a new 401(k) platform that would provide competitive recordkeeping selection and investment lineup services through an online portal.

Morningstar, a provider of independent investment research, announced it is launching Morningstar Plan Advantage, slated for full release early next year.

The platform is intended to offer fund lineups designed and managed by Morningstar Investment Management.

“With Morningstar Plan Advantage, companies can implement and monitor a plan for their participants on one user-friendly digital platform,” the company explains. “Consisting of recordkeeper selection, fund lineup and investment management, Morningstar Plan Advantage represents a complete package for plans and the participants they serve.”

Plan sponsors can register on the Morningstar Plan Advantage site, submit a demographic profile of their participants, and choose one of three category-level lineups broken down into core, standard and expanded. Plan sponsors can then view real-time pricing across different recordkeepers before choosing one.

After a plan goes live with its selection, it will receive a fund-level lineup managed by Morningstar. The company also says plan sponsors will have ongoing access to detailed reports, alerts and lineup changes.

The company adds, “Thoughtfully constructed, Morningstar Investment Management’s fund lineups vary based on participant demographics, investment experience, and the needs of a particular workforce. This coincides with the investment philosophy of building lineups that help make it easy for participants to create a diversified portfolio.”

More information about the Morningstar Plan Advantage can be found online here