Morningstar "Plotting" New Investor Insight

March 3, 2003 ( - Investment research firm Morningstar Inc, has introduced a new graphical tool offering investors a different perspective on their mutual fund holdings.

Morningstar’s Ownership Zone plots each stock in a particular fund’s portfolio within Morningstar’s Style Box.   The area in which most of the holdings fall is then shaded to pinpoint the portion of the market in which the fund primarily invests, with a red dot in the middle of the Ownership Zone representing the weighted-average of all the fund’s holdings, according to a news media release.

The Style Box is a nine square grid that provides a graphical representation of the investment style of mutual funds, allowing investors to assess a fund based on its holdings. Its vertical axis distinguishes among small-, mid- and large-capitalization equity holdings, and the horizontal axis separates funds by investment style:   value, blend, and growth.

Ownership Zones are part of a series of enhancements and additions to the company’s research methodology.