Morningstar Revamps With Retirement Focus

April 3, 2001 ( - Morningstar launches a new section on its Web site ( focussing on retirees - or those close to retirement.’s new Retirement section replaces its 401(k) Advice tab and now includes:

  • Strategies for Retirees, including a weekly “Improve Your Retirement” column, as well as a directory of “in-retirement” topics and an online chat community.
  • Tactics for Savers, including a weekly “SmartInvestor” column for those with at least a decade to go pre-retirement, as well as an online chat section.
  • The retail version of Morningstar’s ClearFuture online advice service.  You can access it for free as part of the $99 per year premium site membership, or for $7.95 per quarter.
  • Goal Planner, which helps investors identify the likelihood of meeting their financial goals.
  • Morningstar’s Income Worksheet for Retirees, which helps investors determine how much they can spend each year in retirement.