Morningstar System Helps Investment Advisors for DC Plans

August 25, 2005 ( - Morningstar, Inc. is adding a Defined Contribution Plans module to its Principia software system.

A company news release says the Principia Defined Contribution Plans module will help financial advisors to DC plans evaluate a plan’s fund lineup and build a recommended list of investments.   The new module provides information on diversification across asset classes, styles, and regions, quality of investment options, and fees associated with the plan and its investment options.

The system, used in conjunction with Principia’s mutual fund modules, allows advisors to generate reports to help present recommendations to a plan sponsor – the defined contribution single plan report provides the details of each plan, and the plan comparison report gives a side-by-side illustration of two plans.

The Principia system consists of eight modules that provide data on more than 17,000 mutual fund share classes, 5,700 stocks, 4,700 separate accounts, 600 closed-end funds, and 41,000 variable annuity subaccounts, according to the news release.  

Principia Defined Contribution Plans costs $1,990 per year, but Morningstar is offering the software at an introductory ‘pre-launch’ rate of $995 per year.   More information can be found at or by calling 800-698-5875.