Most Admin Day Celebrations Involve Time Off

April 13, 2006 ( - Administrative Professionals Day is apparently a fairly low key affair at most workplaces.

A new online survey by, an Omaha gift giving consultant, found that more than half (54.3%) of the respondents have a special day planned to mark Administrative Professionals Day. The majority of that group noted that their company prefers to say “thank you” with a day off (45.1%) or an individual manager and/or department recognition (43.9%).

“Admin’s Day is often overlooked by managers because it is generally not considered an official holiday by many companies, both large and small,” said Jill Ambrose, vice president of marketing at “Admin’s Day is viewed as optional and is usually celebrated as a one-to-one relationship activity between a manager and select administrative staff. We believe Admin’s Day should be embraced from an overall company standpoint so that all administrative staff members are recognized for their contributions and the important role they play within the company.”

When asked about the most important elements in choosing an Admin’s Day gift, about 54% responded with “something they would like,” followed by “something that fits in their budget” (28%) and that their gifts be “available online” (18%).

The question with the most overwhelming response was, “Where do you get gift ideas and information” to which more than 74% said “Web sites.”

In case you do not have it written down, Admin’s Day is April 26.