Motorola Partners in BPO Enterprise

December 19, 2002 ( - Motorola is teaming with technology firm ACS to form a new business process outsourcing (BPO) venture, while itself becoming a customer of the new enterprise.

According to a media announcement from the two companies, Motorola has agreed to merge a “substantial” portion of its HR systems, software, and process capabilities function with ACS. The result of the ten-year, $650-million contract, will be a global BPO vendor called ACS Global HR Solutions, the companies said.

ACS Global HR Solutions will assume responsibility for specific Motorola HR functions during the first quarter of 2003, as well as similar functions within ACS.

Beginning in 2004, over the course of the agreement, Motorola has the potential to receive commissions, based upon pre-determined revenue target growth by ACS Global HR Solutions, the companies said.

The ACS Global HR Solutions business will include:

  • HR information systems, benefits administration
  • global relocation
  • the global employee assistance program
  • HR selection and assessment
  • learning services
  • global employee call and transaction centers
  • HR core process redesign/portal
  • certain compensation, staffing and performance management systems and processes.