MSCI Adds 500 Hedge Funds to Database

October 28, 2002 ( - More than 500 hedge funds have agreed to participate in the MSCI Hedge Fund Indices and Database, MSCI announced.

The latest funds are in addition to the 1,000 hedge funds currently in the database,  MSCI said .

Not only that, but the global index company said it has tacked on more than 60 hedge fund indices since the product was introduced in July 2002. Over 150 indices are now calculated monthly.

According to the MSCI announcement, the company has also developed the MSCI Hedge Fund Subscriber Site, an analytical tool that offers qualified subscribers reporting and analysis capabilities.  The hedge funds and indices are organized according to the MSCI Hedge Fund Classification Standard that uses the investment process of hedge fund managers to classify funds and define strategy indices.

MSCI seeks to ensure that all data is the most complete and reliable available by collecting it directly from hedge fund managers and requiring audited financials and offering memoranda for all funds, the announcement said.

In addition, funds are reviewed for proper classification by a classification committee, and all data is reviewed prior to its release.