MSCI Hedge Fund Index Finds Joy In April

May 15, 2003 ( - The MSCI Hedge Fund Composite Index took a joyous leap in April, boasting a 2% return, according to preliminary MSCI data.

Based on returns from 57% of the funds in the index reporting through May 12, MSCI said April’s performance represented a 3.7% advance year to date. That compares to a 4.4% return for 2002. The index gave back 0.47% during March (See  MSCI Hedge Fund Index Slides 0.47% in March).

Enjoying the biggest April gain among the process groups within the Hedge Fund Composite Index was the Specialist Credit Index, which gained 1.7% for the month and 5.4% year to date. The Directional Trading Index showed a 1.3% April return and 5.1% year to date gain, while the Relative Value Index reflected a 0.9% April performance and 3.5% year to date advance.