MSCI Unveils Aussie Indexes

September 20, 2010 ( – MSCI has launched two new indexes for the Australian market.

A MSCI news release said:

  • The MSCI Australia Select High Dividend Yield Index is a diversified index of Australian securities with higher than average dividend yield and the potential for franked dividend income. Only securities with a track record of consistent dividend payments and that have the capacity to sustain future dividend payments are eligible for inclusion in the index.
  • The MSCI Australia 200 Index is designed to reflect the performance of the largest 200 companies of the domestic Australia equity market, excluding foreign companies listed on the Australia Stock Exchange. The index uses minimum size, liquidity and float requirements to limit its constituents to the 200 largest and most tradable Australian companies.

Both indexes may be used for portfolio management and benchmarking purposes, and as the basis for various tradable investment products such as exchange traded funds (ETFs).

More information is here.