Mutual Fund Assets Jump Past $9 Trillion Mark

February 27, 2006 ( - The combined assets of US mutual funds increased by $287.5 billion, or 3.2%, to pass the $9 trillion mark in January, according to data from the Investment Company Institute.

class=”normal-1″> Mutual fund assets at the end of January totaled $9.193 trillion.

class=”normal-1″> Money market funds retreated after leading the pack in December with a January outflow of $3.95 billion, compared to December’s inflow of $46.97 billion.   Funds offered primarily to institutions had an outflow of $8.86 billion, while funds offered primarily to individuals had an inflow of $4.91 billion.

class=”normal-1″> Investors flocked to stock funds in January, which posted an inflow of $31.79 billion, compared with an inflow of $9.82 billion in December.   World equity funds posted an inflow of $23.55 billion in January, and funds that invest primarily in the US had an inflow of $8.24 billion, versus an outflow of $2.49 billion in December.

class=”normal-1″> Bond funds gained $8.14 billion in assets in January. Taxable bond funds gained $6.08 billion, while Municipal bond funds gained $2.06 billion.

class=”normal-1″> Hybrid funds’ assets decreased by $107 million in January, a much tamer loss than the $771 million outflow in December.