Mutual Fund Flows Strong in 2001

January 23, 2002 ( - Despite a slow December, a weak equity market and the events of September 11, a record amount of new money flowed into mutual funds in 2001, according to data from Lipper Inc.

Over the year, $434.5 billion of new money poured into mutual funds, with:

  • $33.6 billion going into stock funds
  • $75.6 billion going into fixed income funds
  • $325.3 billion moving into money funds.

December Data

According to Lipper, in December:

  • equity funds took in $1.7 billion
  • investors withdrew $900 million from bond funds
  • money market funds saw outflows of $28.4 billion.

Among stock funds over the month:

  • diversified domestic funds had inflows of $3.1 billion
  • sector funds saw outflows of $2 billion
  • investors withdrew $1.3 billion from world equity funds
  • science and technology funds – the month’s biggest loser – saw a leakage of $1.2 billion.

In addition, value funds attracted $7 billion in new money over the month, while growth funds had an outflow of $5.4 billion.