Mutual Funds See Dip in Flows for November

January 5, 2007 ( - Stock and bond funds experienced net inflows of $17.4 billion in November, down from the $29.8 billion they brought in the month before, according to data from the Financial Research Corporation (FRC).

International Global funds again stayed in the lead, with net inflows of $13.3 billion, followed by Corporate funds, with a $7 billion net intake, FRC data showed. Domestic Equity funds changed course again in November, posting a net outflow of $685 million (See Domestic Equity Reverses Course in October ).Government funds had a net outflow of $4.2 billion.

By Morningstar category, Intermediate-Term Bond funds took in $5.4 billion in assets in November, while Foreign Large Blend funds posted net inflows of $3.2 billion and Large Blend funds experienced net inflows of $2.5 billion.

American Funds moved up to the top spot, making it the best selling fund group for the month of November with an intake of $6.1 billion. Vanguard Group funds followed, with $4.9 billion in net inflows. Fidelity Distributors funds, with $3.2 billion; and Barclays Global Investors Funds, with $2 billion rounded out the top five.

The best selling funds in November were American Funds’ American Capital Income Builder, with $1.3 billion; Dodge and Cox’s Dodge & Cox International Stock, with $1.17 billion and Fidelity Distributors’ Fidelity Sp Tot Mk, with $1.09 billion.

Complete FRC data can be found at .