Expands Content On Job Termination

February 10, 2009 ( - Job losses have certainly been in the headlines of late - and on people's minds.

In response to the growing number of layoffs and those heightened concerns, has expanded its content on the immediate impact that job termination has on stock options, restricted stock, and other types of equity compensation. And, according to a press release, most of this content on job termination is available free with basic registration at the website.

Located in the website’s section Job Events, the FAQs of the job-termination content at answer the vital questions about the issues that can arise, such as:

  • What happens when employment ends before a stock option or restricted stock grant is fully vested?
  • How long do employees usually have to exercise vested stock options after employment ends? Must companies inform employees about this?
  • Are restricted stock and performance shares always forfeited if employment ends before the grant vests?
  • After employment ends, what happens to money that has been deducted from a paycheck to buy shares in an employee stock purchase plan?
  • What rights do involuntarily terminated employees have in their stock options and restricted stock, and what may the company do?
  • Can the terms of a severance agreement accelerate vesting or give a longer period to exercise options?
  • Does the reason for job termination affect vesting?
  • What happens to previous stock grants when an employee becomes a consultant for the company or is rehired?

Also in the section Job Events, has complementary content on the flip side of job loss: hiring and related job negotiation. Articles on various topics in these areas include:

  • Stock Option Terms: What You Can Expect
  • Negotiating And Structuring Your Stock Compensation
  • Taking An Overseas Assignment: Stock Compensation For Mobile Employees
  • Understanding The Risks In Pre-IPO Stock Options
  • Your Stock Grants May Come With Strings Attached

Questions answered include:

  • What is the likelihood of receiving a new-hire or periodic stock grant?
  • What guidelines do employers use to determine how many stock options or restricted shares to grant?
  • Are stock option and restricted stock grants negotiable? What terms are negotiable at hire?
  • Do employers ever issue additional options or restricted stock to replace grants that were forfeited at a previous employer?
  • How common are noncompete provisions in stock grants? What activities can trigger a noncompete provision?
  • How does a "clawback" work to take away stock grant gains?

Special Offer For Certified Equity Professionals (CEP)

As part of its efforts to help during these tough economic times, offers CEPs who lose their jobs through a corporate layoff a complimentary Premium Membership, giving them full access to the site's content and tools. CEPs in this position need only contact ( or 617-734-1979) to take advantage of this offer.

In addition, has launched a course of study on restricted stock, restricted stock units, and performance shares that provides five hours of continuing education credit for CEPs who pass the exam at the end of the course. Approved by the CEPI, the course and 28-question exam are available from a link on the home page of CEPs who score 70% or better on the exam receive a certificate that they must submit to the CEPI to obtain the five credits. is developing other courses for CEP credit that will soon be available.

All the content on is suitable for licensing by companies and stock plan providers for their stock plan participants. According to the firm, a customized version of the website's award-winning content can be seamlessly woven into companies' HR, benefits, and/or compensation portals. For more information, visit , email , or call 617-734-1979.