Nationwide Adds Plan Proposal and Enrollment Offerings

February 10, 2004 ( - Nationwide Financial announced proposal and enrollment choices for its private-sector retirement plan business, according to a news release.

The services offer investment professionals and third-party administrators the option to use Nationwide’s proposal resources and new educational and entertaining enrollment services. Third-party administrators can keep offering their current proposal and enrollment services, while also taking advantage of Nationwide’s new enrollment materials.

The company’s proposal product will be available to third-party administrators and investment professionals who have Nationwide prepare proposal documents. For interested third-party administrators, Nationwide will provide proposals and legal documents necessary for private- sector retirement programs.

Nationwide’s enrollment approach is based on research into how adults learn and was designed to be both educational and entertaining for employees. Enrollment specialists are located throughout the country to deliver on-site enrollments designed to spur employees to join their retirement plans, appropriately allocate their resources or increase their retirement plan deferrals.

“Offering proposal and enrollment service options will allow us to expand our retirement plan business, to go the extra mile for our third-party administrators, investment professionals and plan-sponsor clients,” said Michael Butler, senior vice president of NFS Distributors, Inc., the sales arm of Nationwide Financial, in a statement.