Nationwide Beefs Up Advisor Platform

October 7, 2005 ( - Nationwide Investment Services has added multi-style investment portfolios to its Best of America Advisory Services Program, its fee-based advisors' platform.

A Nationwide news release said that the advisor platform allows users to automatically establish a client’s risk tolerance and time horizon. Nationwide has partnered with Ibbotson Associates to develop an investor profiling tool and asset allocation models for use with The Best of America Advisory Services Program.

The appropriate asset allocation model – Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive or Aggressive – is then selected for the client based on their risk tolerance and time horizon, according to the announcement. .

Multi-Style Investment Portfolios (MSIPs), are a diversified set of portfolios made up of individual separate account research managers. MSIPs offer investors a diversified separately managed account portfolio – using multiple asset styles – based on five asset allocation models, the announcement said. Tax sensitive models are also available.

The program’s consultative process also:

  • provides clients with a long-term investment strategy
  • alleviates time-consuming manager due diligence process for advisors
  • streamlines the ongoing monitoring of account managers, investment strategy and client needs
  • utilizes quarterly manager and strategy research reports.

More information about the company is at .