Nationwide Offers A Choice of "Destinations"

July 24, 2001 ( - The 1.5 million participants in the Nationwide Retirement Solutions program can simplify their asset allocation decisions with the five Nationwide Investor Destinations Funds.

The funds are designed to maintain a predetermined mix of stocks, bonds, and cash and invest in a selection of mutual funds, primarily index tracking funds, which generally incur lower expenses than actively managed funds.

The funds complement the group’s investment planning tool, which assists with enrollment and investment adjustments in the group’s deferred compensation plans.

The tool, a questionnaire developed for the group by Ibbotson Associates, guides participants with their asset allocation decision. Once the questionnaire is completed, participants may choose from among the available investment options or select a Nationwide Investor Destinations Fund.

The five funds are:

  • the Aggressive Fund,
  • the Moderately Aggressive Fund,
  • the Moderate Fund,
  • the Moderately Conservative Fund and
  • the Conservative Fund.