Nationwide Unveils Online Advisor Tools

February 26, 2003 ( - Plan sponsors working with a financial advisor might be able to enjoy more in-depth investment information because of some new Web tools aimed at the advisor market.

Nationwide Financial said the new tools include:

  • The Fund Alerts tool, or stop/loss alerts, will notify the investment professional when a subaccount reaches a certain level of gain/loss by generating an e-mail notification. Investment professionals choose the products and funds they want to watch and decide what percentage of change in fund value should generate an e-mail. They can also request a list of clients who are invested in that fund.
  • Business Analyzer containing current, integrated client information across multiple Nationwide Financial product lines. With this tool, for example, investment professionals could create a list of all clients with more than $200,000 in assets in any Nationwide Financial product. This list could then be imported into the investment professional’s own group mail program to conduct a targeted marketing campaign, Nationwide said.