Navellier & Associates Introduces New ETFs

April 19, 2010 ( - Navellier & Associates, a registered investment adviser, is expanding its offerings by introducing a new ETF-based suite of strategies called Navellier Vireo.

According to a press release, Vireo is a series of actively managed portfolios that seek to deliver superior returns through a focused strategy of avoiding losses, especially during extended market downturns. Each of the four Vireo portfolios is based on AlphaSector indexes that have displayed attractive risk-adjusted returns through a combination of diversification and defensive re-allocation, including a cash equivalent.    

The AlphaSector Premium Index is an active index constructed from exchange traded funds (ETFs) that track the primary sectors of the S&P 5003 plus a short-term Treasury ETF, the announcement said. AlphaSector Premium uses no derivatives, no leverage, nor shorts any stocks.  

The Vireo strategy, known as defensive allocation, attempts to deliver improved returns in up markets by constantly working from a position of strength (i.e., when losses are limited, portfolios don’t have to recover losses before making new gains).   

Separately managed accounts (SMAs) that track the AlphaSector Premium Indexes are also available from Navellier & Associates. Options include US Equity, Global, International Equity and an All Weather option.   

More about Navellier Vireo is at