NC Company Unveils Manager Selection System

December 14, 2005 ( - Klein Decisions, a Raleigh, North Carolina company, has launched a Web-based manager selection tool that helps consultants find promising investment managers.

A Klein Decisions news release said that with Klein’s K4 Manager Selection product, consultants use preference technology to simultaneously consider and rank all of the managers in the potential solution set based on the relative weighting of multiple manager attributes.

Traditionally, the manager selection process has been linear with managers who don’t meet the criteria for any single attribute eliminated from consideration.  But the new offering uses the established market research technique known as conjoint analysis in an application to manager research and selection. 

“Those of us doing manager searches have known that elimination of winners was a potential result of the screening process when setting criteria to find a manageable list of finalist candidates,” said Robert Padgette, founder of Klein Decisions, in the announcement.  “With K4 Manager Selection, analysts and advisors no longer need to make the tradeoff between setting criteria narrow enough to eliminate managers that are not a good fit, and potentially eliminating the best fit.”

More information about the product is  here. .