NCT Adopts MasteryPOINT Guidance

October 8, 2003 ( - The 15,000+ participants in Northern Capital Trust's (NCT) retirement plan will have access to the MasteryPOINT Financial Technologies' Guidance Plus (GP) online investment guidance software.

The Web-based planning toolkit is integrated with the NCT recordkeeping platform and participant Web site, according to a news release.

“We have integrated GP into our current participant education program, using the tool to provide plan participants with an interactive, online solution to help them plan, save and invest for retirement,” said Laine Brantner, vice president of operations for Northern Capital Trust, in a statement.

According to the announcement, GP provides NCT plan participants access to the following features:

  • pre-population of plan and participant data from the recordkeeping system
  • online tracking of multiple investment portfolios, including any combination of stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • development of a personalized risk assessment
  • creation of a personalized asset allocation model
  • computation of optimal portfolios
  • monte carlo simulations to determine likely outcomes
  • fund filter to rank and select funds in their plan.