Nearly 25% of Job Applicants Lie: Study

June 1, 2001 ( - Nearly a fourth (24%) of job applicants misrepresent their employment or education records, according to a new study.

On the other hand, that’s better than the 29% caught in the act in last year’s study. It’s also better than the 32% in 1998.

The Avert 2000 Hiring Index study also found:

  • 35% of applicants had a suspended driver’s license or had been ticketed for a DUI or DWI
  • 26% had a credit record showing a judgment, lien or bankruptcy, or had been turned over to a collection agency
  • 10% had previous workers’ compensation claims
  • 13% of employers referenced said the applicant was ineligible for rehire
  • 6% had a criminal record in the prior seven years, down from 10% in last year’s study

The statistics for the Hiring Index are based on the 1,856,723 background verifications performed by Avert in 2000.

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