New AIM Asset Allocation Fund Seeks to Provide Risk Protection

June 2, 2009 ( - Invesco AIM has announced the launch of the AIM Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund (ABRZX) which uses a proprietary risk management process with the potential to generate consistent returns in any economic environment.

According to a press release, the fund’s strategy seeks to accomplish this goal by actively investing in equities, government bonds and commodities, with the weights of the asset classes set such that each contributes a similar amount of risk to the overall portfolio. AIM Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund will seek to provide greater capital loss protection during down markets through its proprietary long-only, investment process.

The fund will invest in derivatives and other financially linked instruments to provide leveraged exposure to certain U.S. and international equity, fixed income and commodity markets, the press release said. It will be managed by an investment team from Invesco’s Global Asset Allocation Group, led by Scott Wolle, Chief Investment Officer of the Group.

Wolle will be assisted on the fund by portfolio managers Mark Ahnrud, Chris Devine, Scott Hixon, and Christian Ulrich, each of whom has more than 13 years of investment experience.

AIM Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund will be available in multiple share classes from Invesco Aim through financial intermediaries at broker-dealers, insurance companies, independent advisory firms and registered investment advisers for retail, fee-based wrap, retirement, and institutional clients.