New Asset Allocation Calculator Released

May 1, 2002 ( - A Massachusetts software maker has released an online asset allocation calculator, which it says is based on a new model for choosing investments.

In a press release announcing the Econometric Monte Carlo (EMC) Asset Allocation Model, Still River Retirement Planning Software, Inc. said the model interprets investment results as economic indicators rather than stand-alone mathematical figures.
Still River said the EMC model:

  • projects hundreds of possible future economic scenarios,
  • asks for the individual investor’s financial goals, and
  • tests the ability of different investment portfolios to meet these goals across the range of potential economic outlooks

According to Still River, the model produces results that reflect:

  • historical realities and future possibilities,
  • current market conditions,
  • mortality risks,
  • tax treatments of different kinds of investments, and
  • annual fees associated with different investment options

The EMC Asset Allocation model can be customized to use the specific funds available in a company’s plans, the company said.

Still River Retirement Planning Software, Inc., of Harvard, Massachusetts, produces retirement plan software.