New Client Gets Wealth Management Systems' Rollover Program

November 3, 2004 ( - Wealth Management Systems Inc., a New Jersey rollover solutions provider announced that it will integrate its Rollover Solutions Network (RSN) application within the internet servicing and web applications of Pyramid Digital Solutions.

According to a news release, the move will enable Pyramid’s clients to access an automated, end-to-end distribution and rollover processing solution that will help their asset retention and rollover initiatives.

RSN will function as an electronic interface to facilitate the exchange of participant data across multiple record keeping platforms and IRA account opening systems, according to the news release.  RSN integrates distribution and IRA rollover services at the retirement plan level within participant Web and Call Center service channels, the company said.

RSN likewise provides for the ongoing reporting of distribution and rollover activity and can automate strategic marketing campaigns designed to raise awareness of rollover services and influence participant distribution behavior.  WMSI has signed agreements during the past year with  Ameritrade E*Trade T. Rowe Price , ExpertPlan , and  Merrill Lynch , and first launched the service with  BISYS last January.    

Additional information about Wealth Management Systems is available at .