New Fidelity Offering Helps Sponsors Manage DB Risks

February 1, 2006 ( - Fidelity Investments has introduced Fidelity Pension Advantage, a products and services offering to help CFO's better manage their company pension plan's impact on corporate financials and meet their fiduciary obligations.

Fidelity Pension Advantage combines Fidelity’s asset allocation, portfolio construction and actuarial analysis with a new platform of investment options screened and recommended by independent consultant Rocaton Investment Advisors, LLC. According to the announcement, the platform includes an array of products intended to provide increased diversification and enhanced performance.

The program offers:

  • Liability Sensitive Portfolio Management Fidelity’s team of professionals helpsCFOs better manage risks through an integrated actuarial and investment analysis of plan assets and liabilities. Instead of a manager-of-managers solution, the team helps diversify portfolios for each client with liability-sensitive portfolio construction and proprietary asset allocation models, resulting in a customized investment solution. The team also helps mitigate risk by continuously monitoring the impact of the defined benefit plan on company earnings, balance sheet performance and cash flow.
  • Investment flexibility and access Plan sponsors can currently select from approximately 30 products from institutional managers, without the constraint of required investment minimums, including proprietary product allocations. The platform is continuously screened, recommended and monitored by independent consultant Rocaton Investment Advisors, LLC and all products (including Fidelity’s) are subject to the same objective selection and performance criteria. Pricing is product neutral, and includes investment disciplines across the risk/return spectrum.
  • Enhanced fiduciary support In addition to serving as fiduciary for trustee services andmanagement of Fidelity investment products, Fidelity also helps plan sponsors select managers and products from the platform for their plan.
  • Streamlined plan management In addition to an integrated approach to actuarial andinvestment analysis, convenient access to multiple investment managers through a single provider, and client service delivered through dedicated relationship managers, the program also includes trustee, custody and disbursement services.

Plan sponsors can contact 617-392-2419 to speak with a Fidelity Pension Advantage specialist.