New Firm Offers Pension Risk Transfer Advice

January 29, 2013 ( – Newly formed Penbridge Advisors is now open for business.

The firm offers pension plans unbiased information and advisory services for the U.S. pension risk transfer (PRT) market and products. In addition to working with plan sponsors directly, Penbridge expects to form partnerships with select pension advisers and service providers that seek to incorporate PRT analysis into existing offerings.  

Co-founded by Steve Keating and Robert Goldbloom, Penbridge provides pension plans with free access to a database of PRT products and providers. The database was originally developed by Keating at CAMRADATA Analytical Services. Punter Southall Group, the UK-based actuarial and investment consultancy that owns CAMRADATA, will retain a nonmanaging, minority stake in Penbridge.  

“Understanding how insurance companies price DB [defined benefit] plan liabilities is crucial to help a plan sponsor decide whether to terminate a plan and when to buy annuities,” said Goldbloom.  

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