New Frontier Advisors Launch Updated Asset Allocation Software

October 26, 2004 ( - New Frontier Advisors (NFA), the research and investment advisory firm, has released Version 4.2 of its desktop asset allocation software suite.

The new program has two significant new features, according to a press release from NFA. First, the software allows more realistic modeling of return distributions for many alternative investment classes, according to the release. These classes include hedge funds, private equity, and real estate. It does this, the company said, by utilizing NFA’s Resampled Efficiency (RE), which simulates ways in which the markets and assets may perform consistent with forecasts of risks and returns. The company states that the risk of implosions due to alternative investments using its RE technology is insignificant because of diversification.

Secondly, NFA states that the new version of the software offers users the ability to calculate the probability of meeting investment objectives over an investment horizon by estimating the returns of high risk asset allocations.

The new software is available through NFA ( ), the Boston-based firm which specializes in developing and applying investment technology in the financial sector.