New Milwaukee County Exec Attacks Inflated Pensions

June 7, 2002 ( - Milwaukee's new County Executive Scott Walker has asked department heads seeking jobs in his administration to renounce the controversial pension provisions allowed under former county executive F Thomas Ament.

Ament was recently charged with official misconduct for his role in the adoption of a pension plan that reserved millions in pension payouts to him and several other officials.

To be eligible for top personnel jobs Walker is requiring the county’s 14 department heads to reapply for their positions and to sign a waiver acknowledging that they are no longer eligible for the pensions they would have received under Ament.

Many of the county’s executives expected the move. When he was named the new head, Walker promised to evaluate existing personnel and keep or reject a number of them. In fact, during his campaign Walker promised to weed out heads that had received their positions for reasons other than merit.
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