New Retirement-Focused, Actively Managed ETF Funds Launched

March 27, 2006 ( - XTF Advisors LLC has been chosen by AST Trust Co. as a sub-advisor to actively manage new ETF portfolios available to retirement plan participants.

The XTF-advised ETF Collective Trusts will be available to qualified plan sponsors through financial advisors and third party administrators, according to a press release.

“AST Trust’s choice of our actively managed TACK portfolios for its collective trust means that the pension and retirement planning community now has available for its clients the alpha-seeking benefits and expertise of our actively managed ETF portfolios,” said Sander Gerber, chairman and CEO of XTF Advisors, in a press release.

AST selected XTF Advisors’ TACK 60, 70 or 80 Model Portfolios, which are designed to align with conservative-, moderate- or higher-growth investment risk profiles, for its new offering to the qualified plan marketplace.

AST will act as trustee to the funds while XTF will implement the portfolio creation, asset allocation, ETF selection and portfolio rebalancing as guided by the risk profile of its three TACK portfolios.

Information on AST can be found at , and information on XTF can be found at .