New RK Offering Allows Fund Customization

March 15, 2005 ( - ExpertPlan, Inc., a Princeton, New Jersey-based retirement plan recordkeeper for the financial services industry, unveiled Portfolio Builder to further help advisors custom design K plan portfolios.

A news release from the company said the new offering allows advisors to create a lineup of any number of portfolios for each plan.   According to the company, participants can then view:

  • a description of each portfolio including its strategic asset allocation
  • an explanation of the suitability of each portfolio for investors, depending upon their investment horizon, risk tolerance or other factors
  • which funds from the plan menu make up the portfolio and in what proportions.

Participants can select a portfolio online or through group enrollment meetings, the company said in the announcement.


“RIA’s needed a way to complement the fund selection and monitoring they provide for plan sponsors by helping participants allocate their investment portfolios,” said Timothy O’Brien, chief executive officer, in the announcement.  

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