New Tool Estimates Impact of Leave for Employees

December 11, 2006 ( - NavGate Technologies has announced a new tool to help employees quantify the financial impact of an extended disability, family or medical leave.

According to the announcement, CareOptionsOnLine (COOL) shows employees and employers the real costs of a reduced work schedule or prolonged leave of absence. The calculators can provide the impetus for employees to plan for future care needs and also help them weigh the decision to take or extend a leave.

In addition to providing a proprietary Web-based application offering an interactive care solution tool, COOL provides a nationwide care resource knowledge base containing over one million records, the announcement said.

Issues addressed by the database include:

  • Preparing for childbirth and budgeting for maternity leave,
  • Calculating the financial impact on personal wealth if forced to reduce their work schedule or take a Family & Medical Leave Act absence to meet caregiving responsibilities,
  • Locating medical facilities, physicians, childcare and other care providers anywhere in the country,
  • Finding and arranging for home care and homemaker services,
  • Assessing the care needs of a seriously ill, disabled or elderly family member and creating an individually-tailored care plan to address care needs,
  • Researching the availability, quality ratings and cost of long-term care, nursing homes, adult day care, home health care and assisted living facilities nationwide,
  • Creating a health care advanced directive expressing end-of-life wishes, and
  • Projecting the costs of long-term care for financial and retirement planning purposes.

Information about COOL solutions may be requested by going to or emailing .