New Tool Helps Employers with Health Care Benefit Design

April 26, 2011 ( - The nonprofit Center for Health Value Innovation (CHVI) has developed a new online tool to help U.S. employers design health care benefits to get more value for their money.

A press release said the Health Value Accelerator allows an employer to create an actionable report founded on value-based benefit design to maximize their health care investments. CHVI explained that a value-based strategy includes health insurance design in addition to a suite of incentives and disincentives that influence desired behavior change (i.e. increased participation in wellness programs, chronic care management and use of appropriate care sources).  

After the employer enters information on health benefits costs and usage by employees, the Accelerator provides a confidential, actionable assessment that allows an employer to see how their population compares to national and state indicators. The information also includes recommended and prioritized actions for value-based changes and dividends based on beneficiaries’ risks and health conditions; guidance to the delivery services and communications that will improve health status and quality of care, create predictable health cost trends, and shift to a culture of health that will build a competitive advantage; and references for all recommendations.  

The Health Value Accelerator is available free to CHVI members and can be purchased by non-members and consultants and brokers on behalf of their clients.  

More information is here.