New Tool Helps Managers Write Performance Appraisals

October 10, 2002 ( - HR officials looking for a way to help managers effectively complete their employee annual performance review duties may find some help in an updated software product.

According to a media announcement from  CCHKnowledgePoin t , the latest version of its Performance Now product can help managers struggling to describe an employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

The manager first rates the worker on a high/low scale and then the software generates “supporting text” through its intellitext technology, the company said.

The user edits the text as needed, then runs it through Performance Now’s language checker to spot legally sensitive or inappropriate words, the company said.

Goals for the next review cycle can be set with Performance Now’s goal-setting feature, which also helps managers monitor goals and measure final results.

The company said the employee log function makes the next review even easier by allowing managers to document employee performance throughout the year, then simply cut and paste examples from the log into the performance review.

According to the company announcement, new and enhanced features of performance now include:

  • 13 additional competencies have been added to Performance Now 4.0, including management-level competencies such as achievement focus, change management, strategic thinking, and visionary leadership. These additions bring the total to 45 pre-loaded competencies.  
  • a new library with more than 2,000 competency-linked coaching ideas contains suggestions to improve weak performance — and to challenge high achievers and keep them motivated
  • create goal categories that link back to top-level organizational objectives
  • customize your performance management review form, assign weights to goals and competencies, customize explanatory text or instructions for performance competencies and sections of the review, even change rating breakpoints