New Vanguard Online Research Tools Unveiled

June 21, 2004 ( - Investors at The Vanguard Group will now be able to take advantage of a raft of new online investment research tools unveiled Monday.

The new offerings on the suburban Philadelphia investment firm’s Web site, include:

  • Vanguard Funds by Style Box Tool helps investors to compare Vanguard funds by investment style to help build a diversified portfolio
  • Funds Similar to Vanguard Tool gives investors familiar with a specific non-Vanguard fund an way to identify a similar, Vanguard fund
  • Tax-Equivalent Yield Calculator determines whether a municipal bond fund or taxable bond fund is most appropriate for an investor
  • Investment Income Calculator shows the amount of income, in dollars, a particular investment will provide, helping income-oriented investors evaluate their fund options
  • Compare Investment Growth Tool graphs the growth of hypothetical $10,000 investments in up to three Vanguard funds and a benchmark over one, five, and 10-year periods.