Newport Group Expands in Three Locations

June 27, 2013 ( – The Newport Group, a provider of retirement and executive benefit plans, announced that it is expanding in three key locations.

Newport’s new service center Los Angeles will support sponsors with consulting, financial services, client relationship management and plan administration of retirement and executive benefit plans. The new facility will open this summer.

“This new office will enable us to offer these clients and advisers more support than ever,” said Newport CEO Peter S. Cahall.

Newport is increasing the office space and adding to the current staff of its Dallas service center. This includes the client relationship managers who serve as primary service and relationship management liaisons between Newport and its clients.

Newport’s facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina, will also grow. The site is home to its qualified retirement plan operations, as well as its participant service center and data center, which houses the firm’s core systems, networking and telecommunications equipment.

Cahill added, “This expansion will ensure that our facilities continue to keep pace with the growth of our clients and staff.”