NewRiver Unveils Mutual Fund Breakpoint Service

November 20, 2003 ( - NewRiver Inc has launched a new service for financial services firms, accountants and attorneys to access breakpoint tables and commission-reducing rules.

Developed to address regulatory requirements and actions, NewRiver’s BreakPointer plugs broker-dealers and other professionals directly into NewRiver’s proprietary XML-tagged EDGAR database of all US mutual funds.   NewRiver’s database includes all prospectuses, reports, supplements, statements of additional information and amendment stickers, according to a news release.

Financial professionals using BreakPointer are able to conduct their breakpoint research by date, CUSIP number or fund to pull up a real-time compliance envelope of all documents effective on that trade date. Further, BreakPointer will pull other relevant rules, including Letter of Intent, Rights of Accumulation and other rules governing assets owned by family members or options to purchase shares at no load.   The product also provides a historical perspective on funds.

More information is available by calling (866) 271-0775.