NASDAQ Settlement Checks Are In the Mail

December 26, 2000 ( - Settlement proceeds from the record $1.027 billion NASDAQ Market Makers antitrust litigation are reportedly in the mail - but it could be a little while before affected pension plans see the money.

Option Order Flow Payments Influence Direction, Not Price – SEC

December 19, 2000 ( - The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says that while the vast majority of brokers are accepting payments in exchange for passing along customer orders in the US options markets, there is little evidence of any impact - good or bad - to investors.

Q3 Hedge Flows Rebound Sharply

December 13, 2000 ( - Hedge fund investment underwent a dramatic turnaround in the third quarter, with $4.2 billion in net new investment, contrasted with a $4.9 billion outflow in the prior three months.

Rough Ride Sends Participants Looking for Cover

December 11, 2000 ( - Despite continued volatility - and an uncertain presidential outcome - 401(k) investors were willing to ride it out, with no above normal trading volume days registered in November by the Hewitt 401(k) index.

MSCI Changes Index Methodologies

December 10, 2000 ( - Today MSCI announced changes to its equity indexes that could set off a series of transactions totaling billions as pension benchmark portfolios realign over the next 18 months.

Managers Braced for MSCI Index Rebalancing

December 8, 2000 ( - Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) may stir up some dust over the weekend - as much with as much as $200 billion in portfolio rebalancing transactions generated as it changes weightings in its indexes.

American Funds Find Home In European Stocks

December 2, 2000 ( - Americans - including pension funds and institutional investors - invested more money in European stocks last quarter than any other in the past three years, according to a Lehman Brothers report.

Web Access Boosts 401(k) Trading

November 16, 2000 ( - Plans that provide Internet access to participants may experience a dramatic increase in trading volumes - in some cases more than doubling the number of participant trades, according to a new Hewitt study.

October's Tumult Tips Hedge Funds

November 15, 2000 ( - October was a rocky month for the markets, and hedge funds were not spared the turmoil, according to the CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index, down 1.1% in October.

Mutual Funds Slip In September

October 30, 2000 ( - Mutual fund assets slipped 2.6% to $7.28 trillion in September, according to the Investment Company Institute.

Investors Pulling Back From Mutual Funds

October 27, 2000 ( - Mutual funds could see more money withdrawn than invested for the first time since the Russian debt default in August 1998, according to new projections.

State, Local Retirement Assets Hit Record

October 25, 2000 ( - Buoyed by strong markets, retirement assets of state and local government employees hit a record high of $1.9 trillion in 1999, up more than 11% from the year before, according to the Census Bureau.