FTSE Introduces New Social Index Family

February 27, 2001 ( - FTSE is hoping to do a little good with its launch of FTSE4Good, a new family of indices designed to provide a benchmark for socially responsible investments.

Mutual Fund Flows Reverse Course In January

February 27, 2001 ( - The nation's mutual fund assets rose 3.8% in January, led by strong increases in stock and taxable money market funds, according to the Investment Company Institute.

Bank Group Seeks to Curb Forex Speculation

February 23, 2001 ( - In response to financial crises over the past few years, a group of international banks has issued "best practice" guidelines, hoping they will reduce the negative effects of speculative currency trading.

Junk Bond Recovery Predicted

February 23, 2001 ( - The junk bond market may be ready to rebound, based on some measures, according to Standard & Poor's.

Markets Cut Into Record Fund Flows

February 20, 2001 ( - Record inflows of cash to equity funds last year were not enough to overcome the market slump, as total equity fund assets dipped 2%, according to a new report.

NYSE Pushing for "Nickelization"

February 15, 2001 ( - The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is planning to ask the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to trade in 5-cent price increments rather than in pennies after suffering some strong complaints from buy side traders, has learned.

New Bond Issue Portal Starts

February 15, 2001 ( - A new internet service linking issuers of and customers for new bond offerings was launched today by six of Wall Street's leading securities firms.

Stock Futures Debuting Strong in London

February 14, 2001 ( - Plan sponsors with select European and US stock exposures now have a new tool at their disposal: stock futures which were launched January 29 at the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE).

Money Managers Unhappy with Decimalization

February 13, 2001 ( - Some institutional money managers are complaining about Wall Street's decade-long decision to finally implement decimal pricing, according to the Wall Street Journal.

ETFs Expand Rapidly in 2000

February 9, 2001 ( - Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, totaled $65.6 billion at the end of 2000, according to the Investment Company Institute (ICI) which has begun tracking monthly ETF statistics.

Participants Eye Fed, Buy High?

February 5, 2001 ( - Participants had their eye on the markets in January, but might be buying high and selling low, according to transfer activity reflected in the Hewitt 401(k) Index.

New Money Continues to Pour into Mutual Funds

January 30, 2001 ( New money continued to pour into mutual funds in December, amounting to an increase of 2.2% to $6.967 trillion, according to data compiled by the Investment Company Institute (ICI).

Janus Tops Fund Sales Despite Troubles

January 29, 2001 ( - Despite a rocky year, Janus replaced Vanguard as the best-selling fund family in 2000, pulling in $37.03 billion in new money, according to Financial Research Corp.

NASDAQ Moves Closer to Major Restructuring

Jan. 25, 2001 ( - The NASDAQ stock market has moved a step closer to its planned reorganization and re-capitalization which was overwhelmingly supported by the NASD membership in an April 2000 vote.