FTSE and Russell Seal Strategic Global Index Alliance

July 13, 2000 ( - FTSE and Frank Russell Thursday announced a cooperative effort to align their various indexes, a move that will enhance the global profile of both companies and provide plan sponsors with more homogenous worldwide benchmarks.

WHAT GOES UP – Q2 a Reversal of Fortune for Many Funds

July 3, 2000 ( - Second quarter fund statements may raise a few concerns, as last year's killer categories took it on the chin in the second quarter. Telecommunications and science/technology funds in particular fell hard from last year's lofty levels, while biotechnology provided some new life.

Crystal Ball – Economists Foresee More Volatility, Lower Returns

June 26, 2000 ( - Plan sponsors - and participants - might want to start resetting their expectations for market returns, based on the findings of a new KPMG poll of top economists and strategists. The poll of leading economists anticipates continued market volatility and a decline in US stock market returns from the rosy returns booked in the past five years.

Launch Approaches for New S&P Index Classifications

May 26, 2000 ( - Plan sponsors could soon see some performance shifts following the introduction of a new sector classification system. Standard & Poor's will spend the next four to five weeks validating a new calculation for the S&P indices using the Global Industry Classification Standard that the company launched with MSCI last August.

Participants Riding Out Market Swings, Let Others Panic

May 10, 2000 ( - Participants continue to ride out the market's swings, according to the Hewitt 401(k) Index, which tracks daily investment activity of 1.5 million employees at 40 of America's largest defined contribution plans. The index reveals only a normal amount of transfer activity in the four months of this year, even during April's peak volatility.

Calvert Group Launches Social Index

May 1, 2000 ( - Plan sponsors now have a benchmark for social investing fund performance, the Calvert Group's Calvert Social Index, a broad-based benchmark of large, U.S.-based "socially responsible" companies.

Frank Russell Rolls Out New Small-Cap Indexes

April 13, 2000 ( - Frank Russell Company introduced three new equity indexes this week. The Tacoma, WA, investment management and advisory firm, said in a statement these new indexes target a broadly-defined small cap universe.

Greenspan Urges Attention to Market Liquidity, Fragmentation

April 13, 2000 ( - Central banker Alan Greenspan Thursday suggested policymakers allow the proliferating financial exchanges to centralize, because "in times of stress, liquidity simply may not be there or it may not be there in depth." But he expressed doubts about the wisdom and technical feasibility of forced centralization.

Hedge Funds Continue Gains In First Quarter 2000

April 10, 2000 ( - Hedge funds on average outperformed the S&P 500 in the last quarter, booking gains for the sixth consecutive quarter, according to preliminary estimates by Van Hedge Fund Advisors.