Tide Returns to Equities in October

November 2, 2001(PLANSPONSOR.com) - Investors increased their positions in stock funds in October after seeking refuge in fixed income and money market accounts in September, according to a report from Standard and Poor's Fund Adviser.

T Rowe Price

Although T. Rowe Price does not give specific numbers, the group did report strong inflow into its equity funds in October. In addition, the company saw:

  • a moderate outflow from international equity funds,
  • a small inflow into bond funds, and
  • a slight outflow from money-market portfolios


Though October 26, Strong Capital Management saw inflows of $125 million, versus outflows of $123 million in September, compared to inflows of $261 million in October 2000.

  • bond funds flows took in $57 million in October, the same as in September, compared with $5 million last October.
  • money-market funds attracted $113 million, versus inflows of $36 million in September, and inflows of $46 million a year ago.


Last month the Fidelity had positive net sales of $4.0 billion across the three asset classes,

  • stock funds, however, had outflows of $5.7 billion,
  • bond funds saw positive sales of $1.1 billion, and
  • money-market funds had positive net flows of $8.5 billion

In October 2000, Fidelity brought in $4.8 billion overall, including

  • inflows of $4.7 billion into its equity funds,
  • outflows of $1.5 billion from bond funds, and
  • inflows of $1.5 billion into money-market funds


Over the same period Schwab’s supermarket reported stock inflows of $506 million through October 26, compared to outflows of $2.2 billion in September, and inflows of $848 million a year ago. Bond funds took in $778 million, after attracting $532 million in September, and losing $35 million a year ago.