SURVEY SAYS: Web Site Results

January 11, 2001 - It doesn't seem to matter how much time you spend on the Web - the reader-respondents to yesterday's survey contributed a few sites that we hadn't stumbled across (yet). The diversity of readers and workers made tabulation a bit of a challenge - but we were gratified to find a popular response, and we're sure Dave Baker will be similarly gratified at the well-deserved frequency of citation of his site. Others frequently cited included (employee benefits research institute), (society of human resource management), and .

If you’ve got an interest in employer stock, stock options or stock purchase plans, you might want to check out: , (national association of stock purchase plan professionals) or . One reader suggested , a source of FX information, while another offered .

Readers made frequent use of search engines, including , , , and .

Several cited the DOL ( ) and IRS sites (and don’t forget the new cross-agency search engine, ).

Readers gleaned market/stock information from , , , , and .

Looking for a lost participant (or school chum)? Readers suggested , , while directionally challenged ones noted and .

A little off the beaten path perhaps were: , , , .

Check ’em out folks – once again, thanks to all who participated in our survey!