Newsletters Primary Method of Employee Communication

March 19, 2007 ( - A recent survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans found newsletters are the most popular method employers use to communicate company and benefit information to employees.

According to a press release on the survey, 71% of respondents use a newsletter to communicate information – 36% to employees only and 35% to employees and retirees.

The top five issues cited by respondents as being communicated in newsletters were:

  • Information on employee benefit issues (88%),
  • Organization news (72%),
  • Health tips or wellness information (62%),
  • Messages from specific executives such as the CEO or president (52%), and
  • Retirement planning information (50%).

Of those who use newsletters to communicate to employees, the majority (72%) said the newsletters were prepared in-house, according to the release. Twenty-five percent of respondents said they partially outsource their newsletter, while only 3% said they completely outsource their newsletter.

Newsletters are most commonly mailed to employee homes (56%), survey results showed. Thirty-seven percent of respondents who use a newsletter said the newsletter is sent via email and 31% said it is posted on the company intranet.

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