Noah Fund Decrees New Investing Principles

July 12, 2004 ( - The Noah Fund has tightened its screening process for it biblical guided investments.

The Fund’s management team has broadened its screening to include any companies that produce products that could cause an abortion and medical plans that pay for abortions. Any company that sponsors or contributes to Planned Parenthood, or is involved in cloning, human embryo experimentation, or destruction are also removed from the possible stock ownership list, according to a news release.

The Newton Square, Pennsylvania-based socially responsible fund company also set screens to exclude companies that promote pornography or anti-family entertainment, including those that host pornographic or sexually explicit Web sites, provide known credit card banking for internet pornography, and hotels that allow pornography to be shown in their rented rooms.   Further, investments were removed from companies that make adult entertainment films, video or software games and companies that show this material on television, movie theaters, printed materials or own subsidiaries that do these things are also eliminated.

Gambling category stocks include companies that obtain more than 50% of their revenue from casino gambling, horse or dog racing and lottery products and cruise lines that allow onboard gambling have been removed from the list.