Not Everyone's Financial Picture is a Horror Film

December 15, 2009 ( – A new survey asking respondents to choose a movie title that best describes their near-term financial future reveals more positive outlooks than negative.

Allianz Insurance Company of North America said 37.9% of respondents made positive choices, 35.5% indicated uncertainty, and 26.6% made a negative pick. The most positive respondents fell in the age group 25-34, while the most negative age group was 65+, according to a press release.

The most neutral were those nearing but not yet in retirement, in the age range of 55-64.

The movie titles and number of respondents selecting each were:

  •  Where the Wild Things Are – 35.5%;
  • Up – 29.2%;
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – 8.7%;
  • Hangover – 13.6%; and
  • The Ugly Truth – 13%.

Allianz CMO Nancy Jones commented: “The country seems to be moving out of The Perfect Storm, but we must make smart savings decisions to ensure It’s A Wonderful Life.”

The press release said individuals can access calculators designed to help them experiment with different saving and financial strategies at