Nuveen Investments Offers Target Date Funds

October 18, 2007 ( - Nuveen Investments, which provides investment services to institutional and high net worth investors, will now offer target date funds in a collective trust structure.

According to a press release, the Nuveen PersonalPlan Target Maturity Solutions are offered in a collective trust structure, which means they are pooled investments that can be valued and traded daily and are overseen by a bank or trust company.

Nuveen PersonalPlan Target Maturity Solutions has funds dated for the years 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040 and 2050.

Equity investment strategies draw from Nuveen s managers and include NWQ Large Cap Value, NWQ Small/Mid Cap Value, Tradewinds Global All Cap, Tradewinds International Value, Santa Barbara Stable Growth, Santa Barbara Small/Mid Growth, Symphony Mid Cap Core and Nuveen HydePark Enhanced 500.

Fixed income strategies include Nuveen Core Plus and Nuveen TIPS.

This innovative, instant-diversification retirement product is designed to meet rising institutional demand for a flexible, market-sensitive approach in this category, said Jam Zovein, Managing Director, Nuveen Investments, in the press release. Historically, many target date funds fail to give adequate consideration to liabilities and do not deal sufficiently with market risk, longevity risk and inflation risk.”

Wilshire Associates will handle asset allocation and monitor the investments for the target date funds and AST Capital Trust serves as trustee for the funds, according to the announcement.